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In 1997, the Indian and Pickerel Lake Sewer System was established.   A 20-year Sewer Assessment and Debt Service Fee were put in place by Brady & Pavilion Townships to repay the construction bonds.   In the year 2000 construction was complete and in December of 2017, the construction bonds were paid in full.  


In 2005, the Sprinkle Road Sewer System was constructed.  Sewer leads were provided to property within the designated district (S/Nash Ave going south to T Ave in Pavilion Twp) where connection is mandatory upon current septic system failure or at time of new construction.


Beginning in 2018, a repair & replacement fee was imposed to establish adequate funds to maintain the aging infrastructure of the system.


Also, in 2018, South County Sewer and Water Authority received an Asset Management Grant (SAW grant) to be distributed over a 3-year time frame.  The Authority and Engineers from Wightman & Associates Inc., developed an "Asset Management Plan" (completed in Dec 2020) to determine when and what components of the system would need rehabilitation and/or replacement.   As part of the analysis the Authority is required to review annual rates and charges to ensure adequate funding is in place for ongoing repair and replacement obligations.

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