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Office Hours: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm  Monday - Thursday

Current Rates 

(Effective April 1st, 2022)

  • Operations and Maintenance Fees: $136.86 per quarter / REU  (Residential Equivalent Unit = Single Family Home)

  • Repair and Replacement Fund Fees: $ 31.83  per quarter / REU                                                                                                               Total:   $168.69 per quarter / REU

* 5% Late Fees are applied to payments after Due Date *

Sewer Connection Fees:

(Payable in full prior to connection) 

  • Indian/Pickerel Lake Sewer = $10,400 per single family home

  • Sprinkle Rd. Sewer = $7,200 per single family home 

  • Homeowners or Contractors must contact the Authority Office prior to connecting to the public sewer system.

  • Lead locations are available at the Authority Office.

  • Guidelines and regulations apply.

Make A Payment

BY MAIL:  To South County Sewer and Water Authority located at

7510 EAST Q AVE SCOTTS, MI 49088 (Make check payable to SCSWA)

WALK-IN: Pay by cash or check directly to South County Sewer and Water Authority during office hours or by using the drop box located at Pavilion Township Hall. (address stated above)

ONLINE OR BY PHONE: By clicking "Instructions" we have provided steps to help you in completing your payment via online or by phone. Link for payment:*

*Note: Official Payments changed its name to ACI Payments, Inc as of January 1, 2021


REMINDER:  5% Late Fees are applied to payments after Due Date.


Thank you for your payment!